Enable wake-on-lan with NetworkManager

This little tip enables wake-on-lan on our network interfaces so the computer can be awaken with a magic packet from other host in the same network.

First, identify your connection:

# nmcli connection 
NOMBRE      UUID                                  TIPO            DISPOSITIVO 
virbr0      3ee5c0b6-1030-4609-b087-4ab3d39ccdfa  bridge          virbr0      
br-lan      e7b20dc3-9d8e-4b0e-b56f-27a87f17ebe3  bridge          br-lan      
enp5s0      8581aa55-eead-41d6-a216-41f52b4e0c30  802-3-ethernet  enp5s0      
virbr0-nic  04cc0eff-0b0d-4440-9e7b-1c54418e8ef7  generic         virbr0-ni

Then, activate the wake-on-lan functionality:

# nmcli connection modify enp5s0 802-3-ethernet.wake-on-lan magic

Your BIOS has to support and had enabled waking up from your network card.

You can test it sending a magic packet from another computer:

# wol <mac-address>

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